Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine

The Washington Center for Reproductive Medicine is an infertility clinic located in Bellevue a suburb of Seattle, WA with the highest standards of ethical care and integrity. Our goal is to help every couple achieve their dream of creating a family. Dr. Kustin is an infertility specialist who believes that each couple deserves highly personalized care delivered by their physician and our entire staff reflects his philosophy. We treat the individual person, not just the patient. Dr. Kustin sees his patients at each visit and is always available to personally answer questions.

The value of our personalized approach is reflected in the feedback we receive from our patients. Our superior services are reflected in our in vitro fertilization success rates. Please review our IVF success rates and compare them to other IVF programs. This data is available at the Centers for Disease Control Web site. The same excellent outcomes are seen in commonly used procedures such as intrauterine insemination (IUI).

We accept all patients at our Seattle infertility clinic and believe that every couple deserves the opportunity to pursue the dream of parenthood, even if they are not ideal candidates. We often accept older women in our assisted reproductive technologies programs even though it might adversely affect our clinic's success rates. Some clinics carefully “screen out” older or complex patients in order to artificially elevate ART success rates.

Tailoring the appropriate treatment for each couple is challenging and requires experience. Not every couple who consults an infertility specialist necessarily needs expensive and advanced treatments. We describe in the following pages many of the treatments that are now available to help infertile couples after diagnosis of a potential fertility problem.

Fertility care is complex and infertility can have many causes, in both the male and female. Dr. Kustin completed years of advanced training to prepare him to provide the best fertility care possible.

We know how stressful infertility is and how it impacts every aspect of a couple's life. We have taken steps to try and reduce these stresses including controlling the prices of many procedures. The majority of couples will become pregnant using "first level" technologies that are not as expensive as advanced reproductive technologies. Also, many couples have some degree of insurance coverage.

Treatment Cost - Why We are Different

In these challenging times our prices remain competitive and extremely fair. All inclusive package prices insure that our patients will not be surprised by hidden extra charges that can inflate treatment cost significantly.

We have limited travel grants available for out of state patients and we have access to affordable accommodations. Special financial arrangements may be possible for appropriate couples who demonstrate financial hardship. These highly personal matters will be discussed at your initial consultation for which we charge a nominal fee. We also offer a free phone consult for patients who are two hours from our location.

Significant discounts are given on a second fresh IVF cycle.

Making an Appointment

Your initial appointment at our Seattle infertility clinic is a very important step on the path to success. You will meet with Doctor Kustin, infertility specialist who will personally review you case and past medical records before offering individualized testing and treatment options. All of your questions and concerns will be addressed at that time. You can contact us by phone at 425-462-6100 or 1-866-YesBaby (9372229). We welcome E-mail enquiries at aronak@seattleivf.com

We hope that you will find our Web site informative and reassuring as you realize that there are many ways we can help you achieve your dream of having a child. Please send Dr. Kustin an e-mail or call us for more information.



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